GVF531 Access Procedure Skills

Preparation for BAPO Certification

When you have completed this course, you will know how to manually find a satellite using the antenna’s manual jog controls and the modem’s lock indicator; how to optimize azimuth and elevation pointing following the beam balance method, using the antenna’s jog controls and the modem’s received signal level indicator; and how to align cross-polarization by contacting the Satellite Access Centre and adjusting the antenna’s pol jog controls. This course is part of a training sequence tailored for broadcaster certification examinations. If you have already taken course GVF530 and complete the GVF531 course, you will be ready to attempt the knowledge tests and simulator skills tests in the General Auto-point Operator (GAPO) exam. (Note that the exam is given online on the GVF learning system, but it is not included in the GVF531 course itself. You must enrol in certification exams separately, or you may choose a training/exam combination from the GVF course catalogue.)

Prerequisites: GVF530 Core skills for Mobile Satellite.

Terminal Operators – Preparation for BAPO Certification.