About Technology Exchange

Founded in 2020, Technology Exchange serves as a hardware and integration solutions provider and a subsidiary brand of the leading innovative technology company, Commercis.

Our services unlock a field of deep knowledge for each client’s technology requirements, to aid with their system efficiency, performance, and ongoing support. Providing to a worldwide customer base, specifically focusing on developing regions in the Middle East and Africa, Technology Exchange provides Hardware and Integration Services, Manages Services, Cloud Operations, Big Data and Cyber Security Solutions.

With our strong expertise in the technology industry, we can work with enterprises across various business sectors. At Technology Exchange, clients are offered a customer-orientated authentication suite that complies with the strictest regulatory and security guidelines. Our company ensures trust and secure services for all devices and applications.

Delve deeper into the systems and services we provide and choose what will best complement the needs of your business today!

Why use Technology Exchange?

The Technology Exchange is a collaborative environment, providing access to innovative technologies and world-class expertise, enabling you to envision, design and develop solutions to meet your needs.

We have created an environment rich with resources and formed from alliances with leading international technology businesses.

Come and hear from experts with sessions showcasing the very latest in technological innovation and best-practice.

Benefit from qualified individuals with insight into hardware, software, data security and digital services to help you transform your organisation.

Explore sessions examine your current IT environment and organisations objectives to give a clear and actionable vision of how we can help you reach your goals.

Workshop sessions delve deeper with our systems architects working closely with key members of your technical staff to share knowledge to deliver your custom solution.

Our technical know-how and insight will save you time and money, reduce risk and maximise value and create a strategic advantage for your organisation.

The Technology Exchange, where technology and business cross over.

Would you like to learn more about how Technology Exchange can help your business?

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