Mobile Technology

Mobile technology refers to as portable, two-way forms of communication technologies. Today, mobile technology has evolved from pagers and notebooks to be found normally as smartphones and tablets. The communication of data and voice through mobiles technologies are enabled through wireless connectivity systems and is prevalent and ever-growing. Research suggests that by 2022 the global workforce that requires mobile technology in the workplace will reach up to 1.87 billion people.

Thus, it is vital that you keep ahead of the latest mobile technology networks for your business to continue to thrive and reach maximum success.

At Technology Exchange, we are here to guide you and provide you with the best mobile technology networks that will enable you to be a leading company in your industry.

Our Partners

Kymeta flat-panel satellite antenna, the first of its kind, and Kymeta™ Connect services provide revolutionary mobile connectivity on satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular networks to customers around the world.
​Thuraya is the mobile satellite services subsidiary of Yahsat, a leading global satellite operator. The company operates two geosynchronous satellites and provides telecommunications coverage in more than 161 countries.
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