Installing 400 ATM machines throughout Poland

A bank in Poland became one of Talia’s customers after they aimed to increase productivity and advancements to their systems. This customer in Poland lacked the facilities to be able to perform money transactions and data transfers between the 400 ATM machines supplied by their company. Therefore, they were looking for a solution that could connect all 400 ATM branches to one another to increase the efficiency of their operations. Talia thought that the best solution tailored to their needs was through VSAT satellite connection, thus, proposed using an iDirect platform as a TDMA network. This was a shared network, and throughout this project, Talia deployed a VSAT system containing a 1.2-meter-long antenna, along with an X3 modem. Additionally, we provided a pool of network capacity, where each side of the network would take a 128 kilobyte per second download time, and a 128-kilobyte upload time. Considering the 400 ATM machines, altogether this system provided a 51 megabyte per second upload and download speed, thus being the pool of capacity for the sites on this project.

Additionally, the ATM machines had ethernet ports, whereby these ports were connected to the modem. Talia’s transfer was able to go through this modem and to the satellite at our hub, which was able to provide communication at all sides for the data transfers.

To put this into perspective, a router is located behind Talia’s modem and their customer was responsible to configure the IP addresses and how they can route the traffic from the satellite to the ATM machines. Therefore, when a transaction is made it will go from the ATM machine to the VSAT system and then to the Internet to the other destination, for example, another machine related to the network or to other banks through the Internet.

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