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While completed by partners at Talia Communications, Technology Exchange was involved in closing a contract with a global NGO that was expanding its services to South Sudan. To aid the country after a humanitarian crisis, they critically required stable and dependable communication systems between seventeen campsites and the headquarters in London and Juba. With a valued reputation in South Sudan, Talia was invited to bid in the tendering process for this NGO, whereby Talia’s EOI was submitted. After reviewing the technical requirements through the presales and sales engineering departments, a solution was designed within the sales team where a price point for this project was established. With Talia’s extensive experience in the industry, they were well-equipped to calculate a competitive price benefitting all parties’ requirements.

Moreover, differing from other telecommunication service providers on the market, Talia was able to provide the correct logistics when tackling complicated situations that were inevitably going to arise when dealing with the remote and difficult-to-get-to locations of the campsites. Several of these sites were only accessible by aeroplanes that took off every three days. Talia was willing and skilled enough to overcome these obstacles by obtaining the right resources and creating strategical plans that were able to deliver high-quality, speedy services with dexterity.  

Furthermore, reliable C-band satellites were installed by local engineers to provide the high-speed Internet connection that the NGO really needed.  Distinctively, Talia ensures a skilled and local team is always available within each project they are involved with. This not only guarantees faster services but also allows for 24-hour support if complications arise and generally higher-quality services as any issues with time differences and language barriers diminish. Having access to a local team when distributing communication services also enhances the general value of the companies work and allows it to stand out from its competitors.

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