Welcome to Future Tech '22

The inaugural event on 11-12 May 2022, Basra, Iraq 


Future Tech has invited key speakers and partners to present topics including; Cyber Security, Licensing and Regulations, Health & Safety in the Oil & Gas Industry, the Future of the Space Industry, IoT, Microwave Technology and 5G & 6G. With the chance to spark innovative conversations, members will get a deeper insight into how specific technologies can impact or improve the way in which they operate.


Future Tech gives participants the opportunity to make valuable connections, and meet like-minded people all sharing views on how technology can impact their business.

Join us as we share knowledge and experiences on a range of topics, while providing you an opportunity to stay ahead in your sector, cultivate new perspectives, and gain valuable insight in latest technology thinking.

Technology Exchange

Future Tech is hosted by Technology Exchange, an innovative, collaborative technology consultancy firm where clients are introduced to world-class expertise. Through Technology Exchange you are able to envision, design and develop solutions that allow your business to excel. With the same ethos and goal Technology Exchange brings you the focused and elevating Future Tech event, where businesses can take their first steps in evolving through technology.
Leading topics from industry leaders
The future of the space industry
The imminent rise of 5G and 6G
and more...
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