Future Tech ‘23​ 

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Grand Millennium Basra, November 2023


The event facilitates forward-thinking discussions and fosters a collaborative environment to address the most pressing challenges facing oil & gas sector.


This is an ideal forum to build connections with your peers, exchange best practice and view on how technology is impacting and transforming your and others operations.


This must-attend annual event meets a real and increasing need for accessible education with leading technology providers arming you with skills and knowledge

Future Tech 2023, innovation at your fingertips 

A B2B workshop and networking event that focusses on key aspects of oil & gas operations; regulations, mobility, connectivity, cyber security, health & safety, and more.​ The event brings industry experts and as technology trends are evolving at incredible speeds, this workshop builds a foundation for future development and training programs which are essential to business efficiency, profitability and improved processes.​

Future Tech 2023 also orchestrates an environment discussing the impact of new regulations covering innovative technologies and best practice across the industry. Your decisions and responses will be critical in reshaping new concepts for regulating communications services that are relied upon daily.

Our sponsors


Leveraging mobility to endeavour operational improvements, boost productivity, safety and profitability


The significance of connectivity. Breaking the barriers by removing bandwidth bottlenecks and reliability issues

AR and AI​

Bridging the gap and accelerating decision making by adoption of new disruptive technologies. Will AI & AR take leading role in organisational strategic planning?

Data security

Protect your data from current and future risks by incorporating resilient network and enhanced safeguarding methods for all aspects of your infrastructure.

Standards and compliance​

Safety and compliance as a key enabler to operational productivity, streamlined processes, reduced risk and operational costs.


Enable employees to master the technical aspects of their job and truly nurture your employees’ talents and abilities.

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