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Empower your team with insightful technical training from Technology Exchange

IT Training is a valuable tool in today's connected world

With technology at the centre of global business transformation, a knowledgeable workforce will provide an invaluable resource

The Technology Exchange Institute creates and deliver bespoke syllabuses based on an organisations requirements including topics such as: 

Certified Training

Technology Exchange are leaders in business consultancy and training

In collaboration with leading technology providers, we empower companies and organisations with the capabilities to build and enhance their technology and digital skillset through client-specific training. Our Institute allows access to a wide variety of providers and internationally accredited training courses.

We work to provide skills and advance technical understanding to support your business objectives


Working with our team of Technology Consultants, we engage and understand the requirements of your organisation.


Together with trusted partners, we design a bespoke syllabus that covers the needs of your organisation.


With a mix of virtual and face to face engagement, we ensure your teams benefit from training that can impact on your business objectives whilst providing valuable skills for your staff.

Available courses

Course Provider: 
Cybersecurity: Cloud Architecture
Course Provider: 
Cybersecurity: Phishing Campaigns
Course Provider: 
Cybersecurity: Internal and External Pen Tests
Course Provider: 
Cybersecurity: Web Applications
Course Provider: 
GVF562T Operating the Spacetrak 4000 Marine VSAT
Course Provider: 
GVF562E-IMA Operating the Seatel IMA Marine VSAT
Course Provider: 
GVF562E Operating the Seatel Marine VSAT
Course Provider: 
GVF561 Fundamentals for Marine VSAT Operators
Course Provider: 
GVF532 Core Up-linking Skills
Course Provider: 
GVF531 Access Procedure Skills
Course Provider: 
GVF530 Core Skills for Mobile Satellite Terminal Operators
Course Provider: 
GVF520 Satellite Communications Fundamentals
Course Provider: 
GVF510 Core Skills for VSAT Installers
Course Provider: 
GVF503i iDirect Remote Terminal Installation. Edition 2
Course Provider: 
GVF500 Introduction to Satellite Communications. Edition 2
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