Traffic and Fleet Control

Smart city traffic control and fleet management applications are very beneficial for the urban environment, allowing to optimize the city’s vehicle use, divert traffic in the case of an incident and keep people moving. Reducing traffic congestion brings millions in higher productivity and decreases carbon footprint. Technology Exchange enables tracking devices to bring the opportunity to monitor in real-time the city’s vehicle fleet like buses and bicycles to optimize routes and protect the assets using geolocation. Also, when linked to air quality monitoring, it helps to understand and prevent pollution spikes.

Solutions: Technology Exchange trackers have a higher battery life, reducing maintenance and operations, while Technology Exchange enabled fleet can be integrated into smart cities dashboard, allowing high-level data management system about traffic. It can provide real-time information on bus arrivals, bus routes, detailed schedules, as well as service conditions and emergency communications. In the end, the city enjoys less congestion, less pollution, and higher levels of livability.

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