Building connections for a new international communications hub

Data Grid Network enhances connectivity throughout the Middle East with a new network node in Aqaba, Jordan.

As a growing global communications service provider, Data Grid Network (DGN), a sister company of Talia Communications and a part of Commercis Plc, has recently completed a significant enhancement to its network in Jordan.

Using an IP node that has been strategically located at the shores of Aqaba in the Aqaba Digital Hub (ADH), DGN has expanded connectivity throughout the entire Middle East and Gulf region to provide industry-leading connectivity using a rapid, extensive, and robust connectivity service. Additionally, this hub comprises of a profusion of services ranging from hyperscale datacentres to cable landing stations and teleports. This has helped the Middle East gain a neutral set-up with an open policy, which was crucial for the growth of the region.

Chairman of Commercis Pls, Alan Afrasiab stated that “Aqaba has become a critical hub for our telecoms business to continue to provide exceptional and innovative communication services in the Middle East.”

The growing demand for international wholesale and business consumers required DGN to provide access to resilient and automated Tier 1 networks, through the new point of presence (PoP), located in the ADH carrier-neutral data centre. DGNs new network system carries Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections to data centres around the globe while utilising their Tier 1 MPLS network. The MPLS network ensures an uninterrupted and sufficient connection between the Layers and their functions, which allows for network quality of service. Moreover, while improving network experiences through lower latency and higher accessibility of assured data, data transfers are now able to go through a highly secure program when travelling around the world. Additionally, as a high-performance device for network routing, Layer 3 connectivity allows for infinite growth.

To ensure high-quality services in regions where they operate, DGN offers connectivity through multiple borders to Iraq, Egypt and across Europe. This allows for redundancy if one path experiences interruption and to minimize any prevention of communication within country. This came as an advantage for DGN, as the Middle East has become the new hub for cloud service providers like Microsoft, Azure, AWS, and Oracle all launching their data centres throughout the area in the past year. DGNs intensive networking systems directly associate themselves to large cloud platforms, allowing for businesses to easily connect to the cloud directly in the Middle East.

DGN is a continually growing digital eco-system consisting of cloud, data centre, SaaS carriers and company partners, in which carriers can have direct communication to four hundred data centres around the world.

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