Microwave Links

Commercis has established a long-term partnership with American microwave networks solution company; Aviat. Aviat aims to provide connection in rural parts of the world and Commercis’ relationship with them began by distributing their services across Iraq. With poor infrastructure and limited cable operations throughout the region, microwave network solutions have proven to be a useful and cost-effective method for many telecommunications and other industry businesses to thrive. Through this partnership, Commercis can keep a stock of microwave links provided by Aviat for prospective buyers within Iraq, while simultaneously offering sufficient levels of support in installation and protection for these companies.

A local energy company was the first company to receive services through this partnership. The advanced technologies used, such as Eclipse Packet Node Intelligent Node Unit (INU) and Aviat CTR routers, were able to open communication between several remote locations. These robust and secure methods of connection are protected while being monitored by our Network Operations Centre to ensure any interruptions are immediately noticed and dealt with.

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