Leading Energy Company in the Middle East

Technology Exchange worked with Talia Limited to provide high-quality and resilient communication services to major international energy companies in the Middle East. These oil and gas companies require highly reliable communications infrastructure with demanding Service Level targets. Talia provides fully redundant terrestrial services, including microwave links from headquarters through Telecom (ITPC) terrestrial networks. These are used for communications via telephony, intranet communications and connectivity with local camps and international headquarters. Additionally, Talia maintains diverse routing paths within the borders of certain regions in the Middle East and onward through multiple international routes to interconnected data centres in London and Frankfurt. Full end to end redundancy is provided with local fibre and microwave links supplied and supported by Talia. 

A backup connection is supplied through an O3B MEO satellite link, a next-generation fibre-like satellite system, with low latency, providing international connectivity to a European gateway for onward terrestrial connectivity to the data centres in Frankfurt and London. This includes two active antennas over one low latency link, with a third as an online redundant spare.

Moreover, Talia provides:

  • Service design
  • Civil works
  • Installation and commissioning
  • First and second level technical support.
  • Decommissioning realignment.
  • Network design for all local microwave links spanning from a main basecamp to smaller regional sites.

To deliver the necessary hardware, Talia formed a strategic partnership with a world-class microwave supplier to provide carrier-class microwave hardware with short interconnects through long-distance Gigabit, more extensive capacity routes. Moreover, our field engineering teams complement our certified microwave engineers with Level 3 IRATA climbing and rigging personnel that other telecommunications companies in these regions do not have access to. Level 3 IRATA rope access technicians are trained to ensure the highest level of safety when working at height, safely installing microwave links on tower structures.

Talia continues to provide ongoing service and maintenance for the telecommunications tower and mast structures to ensure safety and reliable connectivity throughout complex and demanding regional environmental conditions. Talia’s tower team ensures communication structures are safe to climb. Through regular maintenance, any issues that are found on the towers at any height are quickly rectified. Differing from other telecom companies, in addition, Talia established a partnership with a leading tower design and provisioning company based in the Middle East for over 30 years enabling access to specialists, guaranteeing quick and efficient solutions for any communication support our structures need.  

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